Styling Your Shorts // 6 Tips Every Man Needs to Hear

Tip #1: First Things First, The Fit

There’s nothing better than a great fitting pair of shorts. Blakkfinns boast an elastic waistband that remains extra friendly in the event that you’re losing or gaining a few lbs. Additionally, the tapered design offers a complimenting fit around your quads and buttocks.

Tip #2: Have Fun With It. Throw In Some Colour

Don’t be afraid to wear bright coloured shorts, you were born to stand out. Shop our radical selection of colours today.

Tip #3: Keep Them Short

Shorts are meant to be short, but often times, men’s shorts barely even merit the name, hanging so far past the knees that they should be stuck in the pants family. Keep them short with a 6 – 8 inch inseam.

 Tip #4: Mind Your Shoes

Avoid pairing your shorts with high-top sneakers. Unless you’re a hipster, you can't pull it off. A pair of canvas Vans, some Stan Smiths, or some low-top Chucks will create a classically cool smart-casual look. If you’re out for dinner, opt for a white shirt and some slim line loafers. 

Tip #5: Style Them Properly

The secret to making shorts look good is dressing them up; pair your Finns with an ironed shirt or polo.

Tip #6: Experiment

Blakkfinns are versatile shorts; try wearing them in a range of smart to casual outfits and see what works best for you. Everyone has their own personal but don't be afraid to try something new.