Shark Week // Wouldn't Want to be a Sea Lion

There’s no doubt that shark fans around the world have been glued to their TV’s binge watching the Discovery Channel with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a soda in the other. With Shark Week in full swing, we wanted to put out a piece sharing why we’re apart of the community currently falling victim to this week’s binge watching but also tell you a little bit about Shark Week’s history, which many of you may be unaware of.

Shark Week is more than just a hilariously over-used movie quote from Step Brothers, it’s an annual week that shines light on one of the world’s greatest species. It first premiered in July 1988, making it the longest running cable TV programming event in history. Since then, it’s been bringing viewers in over 72 countries some of the most incredible under water footage ever captured on camera. This week brings a wealth of information and awareness on sharks by focusing on both conservation efforts and curbing society’s persisting misconceptions.

For shark fans, every week is Shark Week, and for us it’s our logo. Shark fans understand that in order to keep a prosperous and healthy ocean, sharks are in need of protection, and fast. One of the most inhuman and controversial practices is what is called ‘shark finning’. This is when the shark’s fins are brutally hacked off while still fully conscious and then thrown back overboard where it is left to bleed to death or be eaten alive by other animals. Every year 10's of millions of sharks die a terrible death because of shark finning.

At the rate of our current human activity, experts suggest that most shark species will disappear within 10 years. Fortunately there’s still hope. Let’s speak up, raise awareness, take action, protect our oceans and save the sharks. Happy Shark Week!